Good design is about making things usable and practical

Good design means that everything is well placed, fits-in naturally, seems intuitive, and generally is just as it should be.

It's especially important for web applications or projects that involve heavy user interaction, as it directly impacts user adoption and therefore can be the difference between success and failure.

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What is user interface design?

User interface design, or UI design, is the process of creating visual representations of web pages and interfaces. It is mostly concerned with making things look good on the website.

What is user experience design?

User experience design, or UX design, is the process of designing the overall experience of a user while using a website or application. It involves the organization and placement of content and controls, so that everything is simple, clear, and easy to use.

What we help you with

Understand your audience

Through the process of UX research, you will better understand your target audience, their motivations, pain points, and ways they use your product.

You will be able to use this information to further improve your product and user journeys within it, driving more revenue.

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Organise and prioritise content

A key benefit of good UI/UX design is the creation of content structures and prioritization within in.

Today content can be viewed on a variety of devices and screen sizes ranging from very small to very large. This presents a challenge with regard to the amount of information that should be served in each case.

UX design can help you prioritize content, in a way so that every screen size is served the ideal amount of information, structured in a way that keeps your website relevant and useful.

Lead users in undertaking the actions you want them to

Good UX design helps you lead users quickly and efficiently to the right information or tool for the task they are trying to complete.

Through thought-out user journeys, you can anticipate their moves and needs in all situations, and present to them the right content or tool

Additionally, it enables you to identify potential revenue-generating opportunities, and suggest related products and services just at the right moment, increasing conversions and sales.

Increase users' productivity

The most important benefit of good UX is perhaps its contribution to increased efficiency and productivity for users on your platform.

Users on your platform have work to do. Helping them complete that work more efficiently, will go a long way towards the success of your product.

Here are some key UX design benefits, that help increase productivity:

  • Clear and intuitive navigation
  • Simple and easy to use functions and controls
  • Design targeted at specific audiences
  • All content is exactly where it should be
  • Information is well organized and readable.
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Improve credibility and trust in the brand

Your website's UX reflects your business model and philosophy. It's also associated with your brand's appeal.

A pleasant experience using your product will motivate customers to want to use and recommend it now and in the future.

The positive emotions associated with the usage of your product, will lead to an increase in your brand's credibility, and earned trust throughout the market.

Be the leader in your market

With so many product offerings available, good UX can be a key brand differentiator, which helps you stand out and come out on top of the competition.

By providing a positive experience, you can convince current and potential clients that your product is the best. This will help you position yourself as the leader in the market, and make competitors follow after you.

In addition, by making customers feel good using your product, their loyalty to your brand also increases, and they are therefore less likely to look at competitors.

What clients say

I was 100% satisfied with Ketri's work. They utilized their full-stack expertise to convert my custom Excel database to an automated web application. Communication was 5-star. End product was exactly how I envisioned, but better!

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