What we help you with

We include optimized functionalities to easily sell online. We transform your site to be intuitive during the shopping process, to expand your audience and increase sales through your online store.

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Online payments

Users can purchase goods and services through the platform in a quick and efficient way, from wherever they are, in the currency that they prefer.

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Create customized reports, which help you analyze the progress of your business and decide whether changes in strategy are needed.


Full ownership

Full ownership of the product grants your business freedom and independence. No worries about being locked-in and having to pay constantly, when you are free to do anything you wish with the product.

User roles and permissions

By identifying roles and how they map together, you can give your users access to perform duties related to their role. Permissions can be assigned to specific users to permit certain capabilities inside the platform.

Secure system

We take steps to safeguard the software development lifecycle and improve the security of your platform.

SEO friendly

SEO-optimised pages contain keywords, which make them show up in search engine results, thus expanding your audience.

Inventory management

Overview of your inventory, where you can manage the pricing, quantity and availability of your products.

Inventory management

Management panel

Overview of relevant data and activities of your account. From the dashboard you can manage your inventory, monitor your sales, view reports on profits and costs, manage your employees' salaries etc.

Management panel

More features

On top of the ones mentioned above, here are some more ways we help you in your business through the platforms we create:

  • Multilingual support
  • Content approval system
  • Easy integration with third-party services
  • Customer support
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