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Reach more customers through your ecommerce shop! Your products become accessible from anywhere, overcoming geographical limitations.

Your business and products can be found by anyone who is searching for them on the Internet, greatly increasing your exposure to potential clients.

An ecommerce shop goes a long way in showing to customers that your business is forward thinking and well-adjusted to the times.

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What we help you with

Generate direct revenue

An online shop generates income in a greatly automated manner, with little need for human interaction or supervision. Once the shop is functioning, income starts flowing directly into your bank account!

At the same time, it makes it easier for clients to pay you. You can accept multiple payment methods, and leave the choice to the preference and convenience of your clients.

Get sales and progress reports

One of the great benefits of having an ecommerce shop is that it allows you to create customized reports, which help you analyze the progress of your business and decide whether changes in strategy are needed.

Customer behavior on the website can also be tracked and studied, which is extremely beneficial for improving conversions, or in detecting issues with the website which might be turning some customers away.

Provide convenience to customers

Customer convenience is the greatest benefactor of the online shopping experience. You can eliminate travel time and cost for your customers, since they will be able to research and buy your products from the comfort of their own environment.

By providing abundant information, you enable your clients to make more informed decisions, increasing their satisfaction while buying at your shop.

Additionally, you will have greater control on what information is communicated, and how. It will help you avoid a situation which often occurs in physical shops: employees not knowing enough about products, and leaving customer inquiries unsatisfied.

Conveniences that you can offer to customers through your online shop:

  • Comprehensive product taxonomy and search. Customers can find all your products easily.
  • Enable sales, deals, coupons, and inform your customers about them on the website, or with newsletters and other notifications.
  • Eliminate the hassle and cost of having to physically visit the shop, including travel time and that spent waiting in queues.
  • Real-time online chat with customer support.
  • Comparison shopping. Help clients be informed in their decision-making, by enabling them to easily compare products within your shop.

Simplify the management of your business

An online business is greatly automated. From a single panel you can manage your inventory, track sales, and respond to customer inquiries and support requests. You can view reports, calculate profits and costs, manage payroll, and integrate your shop with tax systems.

Your online shop can be run from anywhere, allowing you flexibility in managing it. It also makes the physical location of your business irrelevant. You can now maximize your storage space without worrying about arranging products in a showroom or shop front.

If you already have a physical retail shop, providing an ecommerce option to your customers can lessen the load on the physical shop, especially in sales periods. An e-shop is able to process a much higher number of orders than a physical shop can. As your business grows, your online shop will scale naturally and keep fulfilling your needs.

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Take opportunities

An ecommerce shop provides you with many new opportunities that can help your business grow, and above all, stay competitive.

The vastly larger audience of an e-shop, makes it possible for you to trade niche or unique products, for which there may be no interest from local customers.

Marketing takes a whole new dimension, as you can now use targeted and affordable digital channels on the Internet to attract customers.

You can respond to opportunities like market changes, social situations and trends much more quickly and effectively, never missing a chance to capitalize!

You can sell more by implementing sales strategies that provide instant gratification, and entice impulse buying through product suggestions and combo-offers.

Never miss a client who is too lazy to come by, simply browsing at night, or someone who might be buying from far away while you’re sleeping!

Low operating costs

An e-shop is not only much cheaper to start than a physical retail shop, but most importantly, it is also much cheaper to operate! It doesn't need an expensive location, too many employees, or a beautiful showroom.

It makes it possible for you to sell your products at a lower price than your competitors, while making the same or a larger profit!

Ecommerce shops are also easier to maintain and operate during difficult times, like for example in a recession. Because of low operating costs, an e-shop will make it through these hard times while keeping up with the same level of service, while a physical shop might need to close or degrade because of mounting costs.

Technical merits

What clients say

I was 100% satisfied with Ketri's work. They utilized their full-stack expertise to convert my custom Excel database to an automated web application. Communication was 5-star. End product was exactly how I envisioned, but better!

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