Our mission

Our aim is to create stable, self-sufficient and long-living web applications which contribute to the business success of our clients.

Our values

Our vision

In the coming years, we aim to be known in the Albanian market as one of the companies that offers the best quality long-term solutions for businesses.


Our journey begins by providing services for small businesses in the web development field.


"Ketri sh.p.k." is founded, with a new identity and vision for the future.


We launch "ProHost", a project related to web hosting, and thus increase the range of services that we offer.


We launch "Libroteka", a sophisticated platform for trading electronic books in the Albanian language.


Now with a few flagship projects in our portfolio, we embark on a process of expanding our staff.

How we do it


To start, we understand your vision and requirements, then plan how to apply them to achieve your goals.

Custom web design and development

Our designers and developers create the project, using our robust technology stack.


To ensure smooth operation, we offer post-production support which involves monitoring, periodic controls and keeping backups.

Next steps

To answer to your clients' ever changing needs, we update the project with new functionalities.

Technology Stack

Përdorim teknologjinë për zhvillimin e sistemeve të sofistikuara dhe të fuqishme. Synimi ynë është të krijojmë projekte të qëndrueshme dhe jetëgjata që ndihmojnë në suksesin e klientëve tanë.