Ketri Web

We are a web development company based in Albania, which specialises in custom, high-end projects.

We provide online businesses with a complete range of services, as a one-stop shop which contributes to time management and efficiency.

Our experience in the field has culminated in the development of special in-house solutions which improve the efficiency of the development process and help integrate website performance and security measures seamlessly. For us, these are not add-ons but integral parts of the applications we develop.

What we provide our clients with is not a website or an application, but a guaranteed long-term business solution!

Working with Ketri

We are a web design and development company which operates based on common sense and know-how. Our business oriented approach aims to transform each project into a value-generating digital asset.

With this in mind, we provide solid, tried-and-tested long term solutions which help you take your business forward with speed and efficiency.

Our ultimate goal is not simply to create a great website, but to create a thriving online business!

Technology Stack

We develop using the simplest tools of the trade to create beautiful, sophisticated and powerful systems. Our aim is to create stable, self-sufficient and long-living web applications which contribute to the business success of our clients.