Brochure website

A brochure website is ideal for those businesses and organisations that wish to cultivate a better image online.

It serves to introduce your company, products and services to the public, and is a reference point for information and keeping in touch with your audience.

It offers visitors all possible information, without limitations, at any moment and to any place.

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What we help you with

Communicate with your audience

Introduce your company to your target audience.

Publish your company's contact information, and enable your potential clients to contact you directly, at any moment.

Show your values

Earn your clients' and partners' trust, by showing them your company's values and principles.

Good communication of your merits, encourages your website's visitors to work with you.

Showcase your products, services and works

Showcase your products and services, with complete information.

The time you spend showcasing your products to clients will be lessened considerably, for they will now be referring your website.

Earn client's trust by showing them your best works and the advantages of working with you.

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Improve your company's image

Your website affects your company's image. A website that communicates clearly your identity, mission and values makes your company looks larger, more serious, professional and credible.

This way, your company's image improves, along with the perception the public has for it, helping you achieve your goals.

We create for you a unique and personalized design, in accordance to the company's image. We make sure that the website's content reinforces your message and grabs the visitors' attention.

By making a good impression on visitors, we increase the chance that they'll want to work with you.

Expand to new markets

Your website allows you to be found by clients who, in an active way, are searching the internet for your products.

It enables you to expand to new local and international markets, to increase your client base, and multiply sales.

Support your marketing efforts

Your brochure website can be used as a reference point for your marketing campaigns.

Additionally, you can integrate it with statistics applications, through which you can analyze these campaigns' results and improve them.

By promoting your website on social media, you can direct your followers to it, and keep them close to you.

Speed up recruitment

The information present on your website will help both your existing staff and new recruits, to be more well-informed about your company and the products or services that you offer.

Candidates will be able to get informed regarding job vacancies, and apply directly from your website. This way, you will lessen the time you spend on recruitment.

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Technical merits

What clients say

I was 100% satisfied with Ketri's work. They utilized their full-stack expertise to convert my custom Excel database to an automated web application. Communication was 5-star. End product was exactly how I envisioned, but better!

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