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We work with passion, determination and maximum attention to detail, to provide customised solutions which fulfill your unique requirements.

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  • Custom application development
  • Process automation
  • User interface / user experience
  • Internationalisation
  • Data management
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Working with Ketri

We are a web design and development company which operates based on common sense and know-how. Our business oriented approach aims to transform each project into a value-generating digital asset.

With this in mind, we provide solid, tried-and-tested long term solutions which help you take your business forward with speed and efficiency.

Our ultimate goal is not simply to create a great website, but to create a thriving online business!

Can we help?

How we do it

1. Understand

As a first but important step, we try to understand your motivation, desires and aspirations for the project, including your short and long term goals, and what you wish to eventually achieve.

2. Plan

Next we plan the development process by setting goals and outlining the steps that need to be taken in each phase, taking into consideration maintainability and future development.

3. Deliver

We work on the project, with an attention to detail that is characteristic of our company. During every step of the development process, we test and review user experience, system performance and security.

4. Support

To ensure smooth operation, we offer post-production support which involves monitoring, periodic controls and keeping backups. Occasionally we may provide insight or suggestions for further improvement.

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